Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:30 am
Midweek Service Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm (locations vary)

Everyone needs grace. Everyone needs a second chance. But what about unlimited chances? What about the need for constant forgiveness? Well then you need sovereign grace. You need the mercy and forgiveness that only God can give you. And you need a church that emphasizes such grace.

Our church emphasizes sovereign grace. Sovereign describes a God who is unlimited in power. Grace describes God’s merciful attitude to people who break his law. It’s free for us, but costly for him.

Sovereign grace is an historical fact. These two qualities came together in a most unlikely place. They converged on a wooden cross 2000 years ago. There a man named Jesus, who was always sovereign God, performed the greatest act of grace. He died in the place of law-breakers like us. He received the punishment that was intended for his people.

Are you tired of trying to please God with your less-than-perfect deeds? Are you a law-breaker who yearns for some good news? Are you ready to receive the message of sovereign grace? We hope the answer is yes.

Come worship with us and receive grace for the guilty and rest for the weary.