Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:30 am
Fellowship Lunch – 1st Sunday of the Month

For Children

Children are important to God, so they should also be important to his people. That’s why we encourage families to worship together. While we’re used to the sounds of little ones expressing themselves during the service, we also offer a cry-room with sound-system and a window facing the sanctuary.

We offer occasional events where children and adults can participate together. Whether it’s bowling, frisbee in the park, or a summer picnic, we aim to create an environment where children can enjoy growing as God’s children.

Food and Drink Policy

We rent from another church and respect their rules. No food or drink is allowed in the church building except for water in covered containers and non-messy snacks for very young children in the cry-room. Other food and drink allowed in the school building where we have our fellowship time.


When you walk into our church, you will find a table filled with pamphlets, booklets, and magazines that are free for the taking. They offer information about our local church and denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian church.

Genuine Friendliness

We value people. Expect to be greeted before and after the worship service and invited to our fellowship time. If you come for Sunday school, we will make you feel at home.