Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:30 am
Midweek Service Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm (locations vary)

Loving our neighbor means teaching them at their level and encouraging them to grow.  This involves offering different environments geared towards their age and maturity level.

Presbytopia Class

Our pastor is committed to building relationships and enfolding people into the teachings of our church.  Accordingly, he has written a book called Presbytopia for the purpose of introducing people to the essentials and distinctives of Reformed teaching.

Different people have different needs.  Some people come from Reformed and Presbyterian churches.  Others come well versed in Reformed doctrines even though they attended less consistent churches.  Still others come with an extensive but fragmented knowledge of the Bible.  Finally, there are those who come with no Biblical knowledge at all.  The Presbytopia class is designed to meet these diverse needs.

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Midweek Meeting

The Christian life involves more Sunday participation.  For this reason, we offer a midweek meeting centered around Reformed teaching.  Meetings take place in member homes and involve different forms of instruction such as video instruction and tabletop studies.


Our church also believes that Reformed teaching can benefit the broader Christian community.  For this reason we have hosted annual conferences at public venues.  Previous conferences include “Modern Art and Ancient Faith” held at the Figge Art Museum (2015) and “Christianity and Culture” held at the Quad Cities Prayer Center (2016).  Our 2017 conference focused on the Reformation.